The Progress We've Made In 2023

The Progress We've Made In 2023

  • Tuesday, 02 January 2024
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Dear partners,

In the past 2023, we feel honored and happy to be able to provide you with work protective gloves, and in 2023, with your support, our work has made more progress, mainly in the following aspects:

1, the sales volume of nitrile gloves increased a lot compared to 2022, mainly due to our ability to provide customers with high-quality gloves and ensure stable quality;

2. We have upgraded the packaging of gloves, including the design of boxes and cartons, which are more beautiful and welcome;

3, we registered a new trademark, so that customers can better identify our products;

In 2024, we will continue to provide you with high-quality and environmentally friendly gloves, and we will also provide more professional services for your partners. I hope we have more cooperation in 2024.

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