Food grade nitrile gloves to pay attention to when using in daily life

Food grade nitrile gloves to pay attention to when using in daily life

  • Friday, 27 October 2023
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With the improvement of people's living standards, everyone pays more and more attention to food safety.

In order to better protect the safety of food, the use of disposable food-grade nitrile gloves in the food industry has become a production and development trend.

In more and more daily life, such as restaurants, snack bars, food processing plants, aquatic product processing, vegetable and fruit picking and other occasions, the emergence of disposable food-grade nitrile gloves makes food escort health and safety during processing.

Food grade nitrile gloves to pay attention to when using in daily life

Food grade nitrile gloves should pay attention to the following details in use:

1. Hands that have worn food-grade nitrile gloves do not grasp or touch the cooked food that has been bagged and the cover of cooked food. Prevent contamination of cooked food that has already been bagged or the cover of cooked food.

2. Do not use the hands of food-grade nitrile gloves worn when making or packaging food to directly tickle, wipe sweat, organize clothes, stroke or grab anything other than food. If you have touched a part or other item on your body, replace it immediately with new food-grade nitrile gloves.

3. Do not make or package a food at the same time as other things. When doing other things, food-grade nitrile gloves have touched other items, and when returning to food making and bagging, new food-grade nitrile gloves should be replaced.

4. For receiving change, you should take off food-grade nitrile gloves for operation. After the operation of unremoved food-grade nitrile gloves, new food-grade nitrile gloves need to be replaced before starting contact with food.

5. Take off the food-grade nitrile gloves when resting on the trolley or food counter. When resting without taking off food-grade nitrile gloves, replace food-grade nitrile gloves with new food-grade nitrile gloves before touching food again.

6. Raw and cooked foods should be separated from food-grade nitrile gloves. The same food grade nitrile gloves cannot be used in cooked food and raw food at the same time.

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