Why does nitrile come in so many colors?

There are many colors of nitrile gloves, the most common color is blue nitrile gloves, blue is divided into dark blue, indigo blue and light blue. Light blue is the most common, while dark blue is more common on food grade nitrile gloves. Next, green has also been used and is worn well. Black nitrile gloves are favored by several industries because they are resistant to dirt. Others, such as orange, are more common in industrial labor protection as a labor defense warning color. There are also purple nitrile gloves on the market, which are also visible in industry.

Why are there so many colors of nitrile gloves?

The biggest advantage of nitrile gloves is that there are many colors, and the color of the glove has an extremely important role for the applicable occasion. For example, dark blue is the food safety color, and dark blue nitrile gloves are more suitable for use in food than white or other colors, so that problems in processing can be quickly found in the food glove debris to ensure food safety.

Different colors of nitrile gloves can also help companies to manage color and control the process more easily. This is the reason why glove crafters are willing to provide different colors of gloves to meet the market to increase the competitiveness of nitrile gloves.

In fact, very early on poor color compatibility of white latex gloves led to brain insensitivity to white. Since the color of latex gloves could not be changed, the walls, curtains, surgical caps, and gowns in the operating room were replaced with blue.
It wasn’t until the 1990s that the colorful nitrile gloves were introduced. When nitrile gloves were introduced, rumors spread that they were designed to compensate for the shortcomings of white latex gloves in the operating room. The first nitrile gloves were blue. Since then, blue nitrile gloves have become the new favorite among medical gloves. The wide range of colors allows nitrile gloves to make a splash not only in the medical industry, but also in a variety of industries where they play an irreplaceable role.

That’s why operating rooms are all blue or green.

The ability to have different colors is one of the very unique features of nitrile gloves. Simply by adding pigments to the manufacturing process, the finished nitrile glove can take on the corresponding color. So why are nitrile gloves made in different colors? I think there may be these reasons.
By using different colored gloves, companies can use them for color management. By distributing gloves of different colors to workers in different processes, types of work or a certain area, you can directly manage workers by simply differentiating the color of the gloves. The method is very convenient and easy to use and can be used in many industries.
Some special needs of the industry lead to the need to make nitrile gloves in different colors.
First of all, gloves of a specific color can be helpful for production. For example, the conspicuous orange is labor and defense warning color, it is easy to distinguish with the surrounding, can prevent some accidents, industrial labor protection prefers this color; blue is food safety color, breakage occurs easily to find the fragments, food processing use more suitable, etc.
Second, to meet the needs of oil resistance. Dark glove color is more resistant to oil and dirt than light color, so it is necessary to make nitrile gloves dark color to meet the need.


Post time: Mar-31-2022