What are the advantages of nitrile gloves compared with latex gloves?

The elasticity of latex gloves is the top of all disposable gloves. It does not have any chemical composition, has good abrasion resistance and good puncture resistance. If there are shortcomings, many people will think that latex will be allergic at the first time. It is undeniable. There is also a shortcoming, latex gloves have no anti-static ability, which makes latex gloves lose their position in the precision electronic instrument industry.
Although the elasticity of nitrile gloves is not as good as latex gloves, it is only second to latex gloves. In disposable gloves, elasticity is also one of the advantages of nitrile gloves. At the same time, it can make up for the shortcomings of latex gloves. It is made of chemically synthesized latex, does not contain natural protein, does not cause allergies, and is also the leader in disposable gloves. This is the fundamental reason why nitrile gloves can compete with latex gloves.
Nowadays, the production process of nitrile gloves is becoming more and more mature. In addition to the limitation of raw materials, the puncture resistance, abrasion resistance, and alkali resistance of nitrile gloves are also gradually increasing.
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Post time: Dec-31-2021