Under what circumstances will the protective performance of disposable gloves be reduced?

Disposable gloves can protect us from external risks and create a “healthy, hygienic and safe” working environment. However, its protection is not absolute. When it is subjected to some external interference, its protection performance will be reduced. There are the following types:
1. Gloves are exposed to air for a long time and age. Compared with the unaged gloves, the puncture resistance and tear resistance of the aged gloves are obviously reduced under the same condition of use, so they cannot play a good protective role.
2. In the case of improper storage, such as contact with chemical reagents that are corrosive to gloves before use. Before wearing gloves, users should check the integrity of the gloves. If they are damaged, they must be discarded and replaced with new gloves.
3. The penetration of gloves in high temperature environment will be accelerated and the protective performance will be reduced. Penetration rate is generally measured at room temperature. Using gloves under high temperature conditions will speed up the penetration and greatly reduce the chemical resistance.



Post time: Jan-21-2022