This glove can do magic!

I went to a children’s activity course a few days ago,
The content is that teachers teach children to make bread.
When the teacher came, they all wore latex gloves,
Happily introduced the ingredients used,
Teach the making method step by step enthusiastically.

nitrile gloves111011

The children listened carefully and did it carefully.
I always stare at her hand because of occupational disease.
At first, I muttered about her wearing latex gloves,
Later I saw that she used butter,
He rubbed hard with his hands and thought, “Oh, no!”
With her consent,
I took a close-up photo of my hands,
As can be seen from the picture below,
Latex gloves fit her hands well,
Even the fingertips are wrapped properly.


You see,

The gloves are obviously loose as a whole,

The fingertips are “long” by almost one centimeter!

You may wonder,

Why does this happen,

Is the quality of latex gloves bad?


It really can’t be said that the quality of latex gloves is not good.

Even the best latex gloves cannot stand the penetration of grease.

Because their molecular structures are very similar,

According to “similar compatibility”, oil molecules will gradually increase the distance between latex molecules,

As a result, it has magical “magic”.

Another thing to mention is,

Latex gloves are sensitized by latex protein,

Therefore, IMAS does not recommend it for food contact.

As a professional,

Gloves for food contact,

We will all recommend the use of nitrile gloves that have passed the food contact test.

This is why I first saw the teacher wearing latex gloves and muttered.

Post time: Jul-11-2022