Nitrile Glove Production Status in China

As a common laboratory protective item, gloves can protect users from chemical corrosion or reduce accidental injury from sharp objects, plus the convenience and comfort of wearing and using gloves can eliminate the inconvenience of frequent hand washing.

There are two types of gloves commonly used in laboratories: nitrile or latex. Latex gloves are extremely elastic and comfortable to wear, but some people are unable to use them due to latex allergies; nitrile gloves are not as elastic as latex gloves, but they are more resistant to chemical reagents, have good abrasion resistance, good puncture resistance, and do not produce allergies, and can fill the characteristics of latex gloves that are not anti-static, and are used in electronic instruments and other fields.

China's nitrile glove production began in early 2000, in recent years the production and sales volume and market share continue to grow. Compared with the production of PVC gloves, nitrile gloves in the production technology, production process requirements are significantly higher, and production line investment and construction costs are much higher than PVC gloves, nitrile gloves into the production industry with certain technical and financial barriers.

Before the epidemic, many domestic nitrile glove production lines were in a state of shutdown, and after the global outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, the production lines started at full capacity.

The total domestic nitrile glove production capacity grows to 35.6 billion gloves/year in 2020, up 33.8% year-on-year, with new production capacity mainly of 7 billion gloves/year in Yingke Medical and 2 billion gloves/year in Lanfan Medical. 2020 annual output is about 33 billion gloves, up 34% year-on-year, with an average start-up rate of 92.7%.

The main domestic nitrile gloves manufacturers are Yingke Medical Technology Co.

In the next few years, China's nitrile gloves new projects to be built, such as Yingke Medical, Haiji Medical Technology, Jiangsu Youjia, Jiangxi Lanbo, Liaoning Shangwei, Shandong Densheng Security Technology. Domestic nitrile glove production capacity is expected to exceed 285 billion / year in 2025. Nitrile gloves construction period is relatively short, only about a year.

China's nitrile gloves included in the customs tariff number "40151900 vulcanized rubber other gloves" and "40151100 vulcanized rubber surgical gloves". China's nitrile gloves are mainly exported to foreign markets, especially in the second half of 2020 by the serious imbalance between supply and demand abroad, nitrile gloves are almost all exported. 2020 China's nitrile gloves imports of about 7 billion, exports of about 30 billion, net exports of about 23 billion.

Domestic nitrile gloves are still in the cultivation period of using habits. 2020 domestic consumption of nitrile gloves is about 10 billion. After several large-scale global epidemics, the nation is paying more and more attention to health issues. The continued attention to health issues, the gradual standardization and improvement of the primary health care system and the continuous guidance of relevant policies, the development of domestic medical-grade nitrile gloves will be increasingly large space. It is expected that the consumption of domestic nitrile gloves will be about 20 billion in 2025, and the average annual growth rate of domestic nitrile gloves consumption will be 14.9% from 2020 to 2025.

The production process of nitrile gloves is mainly made by cleaning the hand mold, impregnating nitrile latex, leaching, crimping, drying and vulcanizing, chlorine washing, drying, demoulding, finished product inspection and packaging. The preparation of latex is usually: sulfur cross, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, accelerator BZ, EZ, potassium hydroxide and other auxiliary materials through the grinder, dispersion machine to make 50% of the dispersion of the spare. The latex, water, auxiliary dispersion and color are mixed by beating into the latex preparation tank according to the prescribed formula.

The main producers of nitrile gloves are in Malaysia, China has just emerged and the technology is not yet popular. Disposable glove processing equipment is not standard equipment and requires each producer to develop and design its own hardware, software and infrastructure for a very complex integration according to its own technical strength. It is very important to keep the production line running efficiently, stably and with low energy consumption, while ensuring product quality. Medical grade gloves also have certification and qualification requirements, and are more demanding in terms of quality and stability.

In addition, glove production requires high requirements for energy, environmental protection, land and other production factors. To reduce energy costs, a cogeneration project needs to be built; in addition, because the production process requires liquid chlorine, a chlor-alkali plant or a stable source of liquid chlorine is required; the production process uses sulfur as a vulcanizing agent, which has a bad odor and a poor production environment.

Post time: Sep-30-2021