Is the colorant used in nitrile gloves toxic?

Nitrile gloves show a very rich color because of the addition of pigments in the production. Typically, a variety of pigments can be added to nitrile gloves. So some people worry about whether the pigments added to nitrile gloves are toxic and whether they will have adverse effects on the human body. To this concern, the answer given by Emmas is that as long as the gloves are compliant, the pigments in them are of course very safe.

First of all, no matter what pigments are used in gloves, the corresponding national standards require them to be safe. For example, in the national standards for disposable gloves, GB7543-2006 “Disposable Sterilized Rubber Surgical Gloves”, GB10213-2006 “Disposable Medical Rubber Examination Gloves”, etc., it is expressly stipulated that any pigment used should be non-toxic of. Therefore, the selection of raw materials for compliant disposable gloves must meet relevant requirements to ensure that the gloves can be qualified so that they can be smoothly circulated in the market.

In the production process of nitrile gloves, pigments are added during the raw material. If there are obvious differences in the finished gloves, the relevant national standards will require the finished products to be tested to see if they meet the relevant requirements. Therefore, in order to ensure that the products can be compliant, glove suppliers will control the process of pigments to ensure that the products can meet the requirements.

Therefore, as long as we use qualified gloves, the safety of the pigment is guaranteed and will not cause harm to the human body.0Piz09_oKg6p6mtYXmC56HN_Q5RG4MIP460d+Gw8sXkEehkPduJgYYcdV7+wPIftPx8GX3dZ6dsvBb_7BXvQcR25ma1uYJ3i1nXZ3hGHhp9lPppRdD_uUUJJS9qnyiLvr3W2G+JjXbSNA6m2pXadu80V65XNuxKCH8S5YE063Ra5kxSjbz5EAVHG2gTCtcz9mSoPXek7s6XBs6J4ki2gcIame8rg9crRDmM7uQGS0unRe6m


Post time: Jan-13-2022