Demand Analysis of Nitrile Gloves

The demand for nitrile gloves is divided into four main areas: medical, industrial labor and protection, commercial and household, and service industries. Of these, medical-grade nitrile gloves account for 62% of the total nitrile glove use. The number of nitrile gloves used in laboratories is almost negligible in the face of such a huge volume of use. However, in such an environment, its price does change with the general environment.
According to the European Center for Disease Control report of October 2020,21 the use of nitrile gloves requires a new pair of gloves for each patient contact for each health care worker (without the condition of having to disinfect to maintain hygiene).

The outbreak led to a sudden increase in demand, with overall demand twice as high as before the outbreak. The demand for nitrile gloves for protection against the New Coronavirus in the United States skyrocketed, especially for ICU critical care patients who must have 170*2=340 gloves per day of corresponding contact.

After the outbreak, the demand for nitrile gloves in the U.S. health system grew from about 2.65 billion gloves per month before the outbreak to about 10 billion gloves per month (excluding general civilian use here), more than three times the original. This includes demand from hospitals alone to more than 4 billion per month.

During the epidemic, the use of nitrile gloves in hospitals increased by 2-3 times. The reason for the large increase in hospital use is that, probably to prevent cross-infection, the use of a nurse alone is now 3-4 times higher than before.

In the field of disposable rubber gloves, 2019 annual production of 296 billion, which Malaysia produces 180 billion accounted for 63% of the market share, while China produces about 25 billion nitrile gloves and a little bit of natural latex gloves, accounting for about 10%, the world's largest nitrile glove factory - Malaysia's top gloves and the closure of the factory due to the outbreak of the epidemic, resulting in a shortage of global nitrile gloves supply, so that the vacancy in the nitrile glove market in 2021 may be no less than in 2020.

Post time: Sep-30-2021