Why Raised Diamond Texture Gloves Get A Lot Of Thumps Up From Machinists

Why Raised Diamond Texture Gloves Get A Lot Of Thumps Up From Machinists

  • Monday, 05 February 2024
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Better Overall Grip

Those diamonds channel away liquids, allowing the user to greatly enhance grip. Ever have a customer tell you about having a ratchet in hand, with a need to loosen bolts in an engine—but their hand was covered with oil and assorted gunk? No worries: RDT ensures a those tools wont go flying.

Being able to maintain grip is an important part of working with tools and machinery, of course, and the fact that users dont have to change the gloves if they get gunk on them is another blow for durability, which translates to fewer glove changes, which translates to saving money. Who can argue with that?

Durable For Longer Periods

At 8 mils thick orange and black diamond textured gloves last much longer than typical nitrile gloves. They stand up better to chemicals, especially those that are petroleum-based. And they have greater resistance to rips, tears, and punctures than latex or vinyl. Some users have even said that they wash their gloves after a shifts work and reuse them the next day.

Superior Visibility

High-vis color of orange provides an added safety feature, especially for those who work in dark environments like engine compartments or underneath vehicles. Always know where co-workers hands are—and for managers, its easy to see whos following shop protocols by wearing gloves on the job.

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