Industrial,Auto Repair,Heavy Duty

1.Powder Free. The gloves are made of latex-free synthetic rubber, contain no powder, and are allergen-free from latex proteins.

2.Textured fingertips. Our disposable gloves are latex-free, made of high-quality materials for enhanced strength, and are latex-free. Nitrile gloves are disposable latex-free gloves suitable for people to wear for a long time. These nitrile disposable gloves come with textured fingertips for maximum grip on wet and dry objects.

3.High flexibility. The gloves have good elasticity and flexibility, allowing the hands to move and operate freely.

4.Abrasion resistance. Industrial nitrile gloves are relatively wear-resistant and can resist abrasion and puncture to a certain extent. This makes them suitable for work scenarios where rough manipulation, heavy lifting or handling of sharp objects are required, such as assembly lines, warehousing, building construction, etc.

5. Accept product customization, free pattern, logo, packaging customization according to the actual situation.